A stunning accessory

Jensen’s relaunch of the Supreme collection features a soft headboard designed to function as a large bolster, a practical storage pocket and an upgraded suspension system.

The new Cozy is a headboard designed like a large bolster, providing comfort and support when sitting upright in bed. The design features two large buttons, which create a naïve, exaggerated appearance and contribute to its inviting and soft look. The headboard is available in a new bouclé fabric (bouclé, French for ‘loop’, is a special technique where yarn is tied in small loops, making the fabric more durable), but it is also available in other upholstery fabrics.

In a bedroom with less space or insufficient room for a bedside table, the new Add On Pocket can be a practical and elegant solution. It is compact and can be hung on the side of the bed and moved to suit your needs.

Add On Pocket is available in all fabrics, so it can be matched to the fabric of the bed. 

Jensen Diplomat, one of five levels in the Supreme collection, also comes with an upgraded suspension system – Sense 2.0. This gives the bed softer shoulder zones and better lumbar support – two things that are absolutely essential for optimum sleeping comfort.

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Caption 1: The stunning Cozy headboard in the new Aqua colour provides a fresh and elegant look. 

Caption 2: Gain extra storage space and have your essentials to hand with Add On Pocket. 

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