How your sleep is impacted by the brighter spring days

Now that we have set the time an hour forward, our days are getting longer and brighter. However, even if these evenings are beautiful, they can sadly disturb your sleep.

How do the changes affect your sleep and health? 

  • Through the summer period we naturally wake up earlier, in addition to it becoming harder to fall asleep in the evening.
  • Lack of sleep can confuse our inner biological clock, something that could possibly take weeks to even out again.
  • In addition, we sleep increasingly uneasily during this transitional period, which can increase the risk of diabetes, depression and heart disease.
  • With fewer hours of dark at night and increasingly uneasy sleep we also become more emotionally unstable and can more easily be influenced by mood swings, which can cause unnecessary tension in everyday life. 

How you can help your body reset its inner timer

  • Take advantage of the extra hours of daylight on your free time by exercising and spending time outside in the fresh air. This makes it easier to fall asleep!
  • Ensure that you shut out the light, by for example by using a roller blind.
  • Invest in a great bed that will provide the correct support and optimal opportunity to sleep all night.

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