Innovation and design.

A bed is so much more than just a place to rest your head. A bed is a part of your lifestyle. Our development department is continuously working on new innovative solutions. Many of the industry’s most innovative products have borne the Jensen logo.

We care about our Scandinavian design. Using materials inspired by nature, trendy fabrics and a timeless design, we have more than once proven that a Jensen bed can be a feast for the eyes. The fact that the Norwegian Design Council has presented us with the Award for Design Excellence twice is a confirmation of our philosophy.

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Build your bed 2.0

With Build Your Bed 2.0, you can create the Jensen bed of your dreams. In an easy manner, you can customize a bedroom with the Jensen bed you prefer, legs, mattress topper, headboard, bedside tables and lamp. This bed of your dreams can be printed and brought to your nearest Jensen retailer or shared with your friends on social media.

Build Your Bed 2.0 is linked to the choice of bed under "Our beds". Find the Jensen bed of your dreams and build it.