It’s not just sleep, it’s Jensen sleep

Sleep is a prerequisite for life – an essential state that people can’t survive without for very long. In the short term, poor or reduced sleep lead to difficulties with concentration, mood and makes it hazardous to drive. In the long term, it leads to reduced resistance to illness, accelerates the ageing process, drains us of energy and has all kinds of social consequences.

That is why we have spent 70 years giving people a better night’s sleep.

Achieving the ultimate sleep comfort requires knowledge about bodies and sleep – and we have that. For almost 70 years our focus on creating the best sleep comfort imaginable has been a driving force. The process is being led by a team of product developers, in which our physiotherapist is essential. 

Through our physiotherapist’s knowledge, we ensure that the products developed are ideal for the body, regardless of weight, height, shape and preferred sleeping position. He is crucial when we’re testing new products and your guarantor that Jensen are always working to find the best possible solutions for improved sleep comfort.

For more professionalism around our tests, we cooperate with the AEH-institute (a neutral Swiss institute for technology) which is a specialist within work, health and ergonomics. 

Every bed is certified and undergoes thorough testing in connection with ergonomics, hygiene, bed climate and durability.